Rio Hondo College is committed to supporting professional development that strengthens employees’ leadership abilities. Hence, the Rio Hondo College Leadership Academy works to develop classified, faculty and management employees to prepare for leadership roles at every level of the organization.

Founded in 2009

The Leadership Academy continues to grow









Alumni Testimonial - Cohort 7

Jasmine Zavala

The Leadership Academy fostered a deeper understanding of my own strengths and allowed me to appreciate the strengths of those around me. I no longer view leadership as a mask we take on and off, but rather a set of skills rooted in authenticity. The Leadership Academy allowed me to stay true to myself while simultaneously pushing me out of my comfort zone. The skills I developed in the Leadership Academy not only made me a better coworkers, but also a better friends, daughter and student. The trust and team building that was developed with our cohort was a rare and rewarding experience. I am thankful for the lifelong friendships that were formed throughout the cohort experience.

Rio Hondo College Leadership Academy Cohort 5 Scholarship

The scholarship is now available to RHC students.

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