The Rio Hondo Leadership Academy was founded to enable the college to “grow its own” leaders.
RHCLA History
Inspiration for a Leadership Academy is Born

Inspiration for the RHCLA came from:

  1. Staff development survey feedback prior to 2009
  2. A workshop in which we learned about a leadership academy for staff and faculty at Mississippi Gulf Coast College
  3. Focus groups/surveys/interviews which documented a need for a leadership academy
Fall 2009
RHCLA History
Steering Committee Created

A campus-wide invitation was sent to “all-staff” in fall of 2009 led to a formation of a steering committee that was representative of faculty, classified and administrators.  This group of 12 met during the 2009-10 year and completed research to explore other existing academies and to lay the foundation for our current academy structure.

Spring 2010
RHCLA History
Cohort 1 and Faculty Coordinator Selected

The first cohort application process took place in Spring 2010 with a selection of Cohort 1 and a selection of a faculty coordinator.