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  1. Adam Westman
  2. Angie Tomasich
  3. Cameron English
  4. Christine Aldrich
  5. Dennyse Clark
  6. Gloria Reyes
  7. Jennifer Tanaka
  8. Laura Verdugo
  9. Mark Gutierrez
  10. Marta Muñoz
  11. Rachel Garcia
  12. Rebecca Rayas
  13. Sally Willsey
  14. Vanessa Chavez
  15. Russell Castañeda-Calleros

Campus Improvement Project Details​

The campus improvement project undertaken by Cohort 1 was a concerted effort to enhance the quality of life for the Río Hondo campus community. RioSource, an online directory of social service resources, was developed as a response to the pressing need to ensure that students had access to their basic needs, such as food and safe housing. The goal was to alleviate the stress and burden that many students face when trying to meet their essential needs, and to enable them to focus on their academic and career goals with greater ease.

RioSource is a comprehensive and user-friendly online directory that offers a wide range of resources, including food banks, emergency housing, mental health services, and financial assistance programs. The directory is regularly updated and maintained to ensure that students have access to the most current and relevant information.

The creation of RioSource is a testament to the commitment of Cohort 1 to the welfare and success of the Río Hondo campus community. By providing students with access to the resources they need to meet their basic needs, Cohort 1 has taken a proactive step in ensuring that students can thrive and succeed in their academic and personal pursuits.

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