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  1. Annel Medina
  2. Cynthia Pallini
  3. Frank Garcia
  4. Gina Bove
  5. Judy Pearson
  6. Karen Beck
  7. Liz Chavez
  8. Mary Becerril
  9. Michelle Yriarte
  10. Monika Acosta
  11. Patrick McConnell
  12. Renee Gallegos
  13. Veronica Kortz
  14. Yolanda Ramirez

Campus Improvement Project Details‚Äč

The Get Rio! was a campus improvement project developed by Cohort 2. This project was a collaborative effort to provide a useful resource for new students that would simplify the enrollment process and improve their overall college experience.

The Get Rio! Rio Hondo College New Student Guide was a comprehensive resource that provided numerous benefits to students. By offering an all-in-one booklet, the guide was designed to help new students navigate the complexities of college life with ease. This resource provided clear and concise instructions, along with audio/visual presentations, for every academic and administrative process required to enroll in classes and progress toward graduation.

The guide was beneficial to students in several ways. First, it simplified the enrollment process, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty that could arise when navigating complex academic and administrative procedures. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, students could feel confident that they were completing the necessary steps correctly.

Additionally, The Get Rio! was designed to be inclusive and accessible to all students. It recognized that students have different learning styles and accommodated these differences by offering audio/visual presentations in addition to written instructions. This feature was especially useful for students with disabilities, who may have had difficulty reading or comprehending written information.

The Get Rio! also provided students with a sense of community and support. As a new student, it could be overwhelming to navigate the college experience alone. The guide offered valuable information about resources available on campus, including tutoring services, counseling services, and clubs and organizations. This information helped students connect with their peers and feel more integrated into the college community.

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