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  1. Barbara Salazar
  2. Carolyn Gonzales
  3. Christina Riboni
  4. Joaquin Duran
  5. Katherine Lopez
  6. Lisa Sandoval
  7. Sheila Lynch
  8. Steve Hebert
  9. Teresa Gonzalez
  10. Van Vuong
  11. Veronica Rodriguez

Campus Improvement Project Details​

The Campus Improvement Project, Spirit 4 Río, aimed to address the low morale on campus by creating a positive environment that fostered a sense of belonging and unity among the staff, including classified staff, faculty, and administration. The organizers wanted to build a feeling of teamwork and support for each other, which they believed would increase motivation and overall job satisfaction among staff members.

To achieve this, the project sold “Thankful Grams” for $4 each, which were little packages of goodies like candy, lottery scratchers, and positive quotes. These grams were not a fundraising event, and the money was used to pay for subsequent Spirit 4 Río events. The grams were delivered to the recipient on campus, chosen by the purchaser. The project hoped that these gestures of appreciation and gratitude would spread a positive vibe and foster a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment among staff members.

In addition to the thankful grams, an ice cream sundae bar was set up during the lunch period on FLEX day. This event provided an opportunity for staff members to mingle and interact with each other in a casual setting. The organizers believed that these social events would help break down barriers between different departments and create a more cohesive and supportive work environment.

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