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  1. Eric Belmal
  2. Jasmine Mageno
  3. Katharine Lampert
  4. Kathy Gomez
  5. Michael Henley
  6. Monica Villa
  7. Nellie Hernandez-Garcia
  8. Norma Garcia
  9. Rosemarie Bustamante
  10. Rowena Mendoza
  11. Steve Koelle
  12. Sandra Anguiano Salcedo

Campus Improvement Project Details‚Äč

Cohort 5 established a scholarship program as part of their Campus Improvement Project. The primary goal of this initiative was to provide financial assistance to Rio Hondo College students who demonstrated leadership qualities through active involvement in campus and community activities. The scholarship was initially financed by the members of the cohort who had raised funds through various fundraising activities.

However, as time passed, some members of the cohort moved on to pursue other opportunities, and this resulted in a lack of funding for the scholarship. Despite this setback, the remaining cohort members, in collaboration with the Rio Hondo College Foundation, worked to ensure that the scholarship continued to support outstanding students.

Through their collective efforts, the scholarship was revamped and renamed as The Rio Hondo College Leadership Academy Scholarship. This new name reflected the focus on leadership qualities and the importance of the program in nurturing future leaders. The scholarship program has since become a key part of the college’s efforts to support outstanding students and to promote leadership development among its student body.

One of the unique aspects of The Rio Hondo College Leadership Academy Scholarship is that it is fully financed by Leadership Academy Alumni. This reflects the ongoing commitment of alumni to support future generations of students who exhibit leadership qualities. As a result, the scholarship has become an enduring legacy of Cohort 5’s vision for a better educational experience for all Rio Hondo College students.

Are you an RHCLA Alum and would like to donate to the scholarship? Donate now here!

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