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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams
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  1. Karla Bermudez
  2. Rocio Saenz
  3. Cecilia Rocha
  4. Christine Waugh
  5. Albert Bretado
  6. Jasmine Zavala
  7. Markelle Stansell
  8. Claudia Ramirez
  9. Joy Tsuhako
  10. Felix Sarao

Campus Improvement Project Details​

Cohort 7’s campus improvement project was RHCLA’s website. The cohort recognized the need to establish a digital platform to serve as a virtual home for the academy. To address this, Cohort 7 collaborated with Albert Bretado to design and develop a website that met the academy’s needs. Cohort members helped by researching, gathering information, and providing content for the different pages of the website.

One of the website’s most important features is the cohort-specific pages, which display logos, member names, images, and CIP (Continuous Improvement Plan) information for each cohort. This allows visitors to learn more about past academy cohorts.

In addition to the cohort-specific pages, the website includes sections that provide information about the academy’s application process and professional development opportunities. These sections are tailored towards leadership-related skills and are designed to help academy members and other visitors develop their leadership skills and advance their careers.

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